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Mental Health Care UK (MHC) is one of the UK’s top 50 providers of support to individuals with learning disabilities,mental health issues, behaviours that challenge and autism.

In our calm and safe residential homes and hospitals we believe in a research based approach to our services.

Residents with learning disabilities, behaviours that challenge, mental health issues, and autism will benefit from an approach that uses Active Support, Person Centred Planning and Positive Behavioural Support to enable our residents to be in control, make decisions and achieve what’s important for them.

Patients with mental health issues benefit from high quality settings with staff that understand mental health conditions and from specialist psychiatric and clinical input that delivers progressive, expert interventions in supportive and rehabilitative environments that enables them to achieve positive outcomes.

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- June 17, 2019

Meet the new fleet at Highfield Hub! Our new tricycles & scooters will offer residents the opportunity to further t… https://t.co/glLtiE6k6M
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- June 11, 2019

Many of our services are located in #Wales so Welsh culture plays a big part in everyday life. Here is Keely facili… https://t.co/2FjzIw4VDF
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- June 6, 2019

What is Makaton? Many of you may have heard the term but what exactly is it. Many of our staff use #Makaton to com… https://t.co/ftpbtKvApJ
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