Read Team Leader, Rachel’s, blog about the rewards of working in social care and the power of team work!

By Rachel Roberts-Jones, Team Leader, Willow.

Supporting individuals who face daily challenges is a vocation. Within our varying roles we need to show compassion, empathy, to be non-judgemental and to show unconditional positive regard no matter what the challenges we face. Some days can seem better than others. Some challenges appear easier to deal with than others. Much of this comes down to us, as support staff, and how we actively support the individuals we have the honour of working alongside.

When a team comes together to support an individual with challenging behaviours great things can be achieved. Achievements cannot be measured however, for one individual the greatest challenge is being able to make their own cup of tea, for another it may be ordering their own food in a café. Regardless of the finer detail, achievement empowers people.

Today Willow experienced how much of an impact working as a team and  supporting an individual can achieve when we said good bye and good luck to a resident. Two years ago this individual moved from St David’s Independent Hospital to Willow. Side by side with the individual, the staff team have shown empathy, compassion and supported not only the resident, but also each other, to achieve something great! In just two years the Willow team have worked together to actively promote independence, confidence, life skills and an overall sense of empowerment for one of our residents with the outcome of moving to a community based supporting living placement. Today saw all the challenges faced together, the hard work and commitment to consistently achieve something great. It was moving day for the individual and a moving day for us all.

Thank you to the Willow staff team.

“When a team works together to support an individual with challenging behaviours great things can be achieved. “