St David’s

Independent Hospital


St David’s Independent Hospital is an established all male service providing care and rehabilitation for patients aged 18-65 years who have a borderline to moderate learning disability and marked deficits in adaptive skills and social functioning.

St David’s is a large country residence set in extensive landscaped grounds on the outskirts of the tranquil village of Carrog near Corwen in the picturesque Dee Valley. St David’s is approximately 7 miles from the town of Llangollen, home of the famous International Eisteddfod. A little further away is the town of Wrexham and cities of Chester and Liverpool.

Patient Group and Admission Criteria

St David’s is a 15-bed all-male service which provides care and rehabilitation for adults with a borderline to moderate learning disability with marked deficits in adaptive skills and social functioning. St David’s also supports individuals with a learning disability who may also have co-existing secondary conditions such as difficult or challenging behaviours, mental health problems, ADHD or epilepsy.

St David’s fulfils three primary functions:

  • To provide a holistic assessment of individuals with complex needs, disabilities and comorbidities. Assessment is provided by a full specialist multidisciplinary team and includes diagnostic neurodevelopmental assessments, a thorough assessment of intellectual and adaptive functioning and psychological formulation when required. Assessment is carried out in collaboration with families and referring teams and results in a comprehensive assessment portfolio.
  • To provide treatment and rehabilitation to individuals with challenging behaviour and complex comorbidity. Treatment services are provided by a well-resourced nursing and support team and a full specialist multidisciplinary team. The foundation of the treatment programme is the creation of a therapeutic environment and relationships with members of the hospital team, with a shared vision for the potential of the individual to grow and develop which is grounded in a Person-Centred Planning approach. Key components of the programme include a personalised activity schedule, a Positive Behaviour Support framework, a total communication approach, specialist review of medical treatments, and psychotherapeutic interventions delivered on a group or individual basis.The multidisciplinary team is led by the Hospital Manager and a Consultant Learning Disability Psychiatrist and meets on a weekly basis, with a formal monthly review of the treatment programme for each individual.
  • To provide a discharge planning process that facilitates an individualised care pathway with the goal being a return to independent community living where this is possible, and achieves the maximum quality of life for individuals whose needs require continuing care. The multidisciplinary team works collaboratively with commissioners and care coordinators to agree and achieve treatment targets within the framework of care and treatment planning. This process includes the production of a comprehensive discharge portfolio and a managed handover for individuals who are leaving MHC services.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

St David’s Hospital has a dedicated, bilingual team of multi-disciplinary professionals who are highly trained and skilled to meet the needs of the patient group. Mental Health Care (UK) provides access to an ongoing professional training and development programme and invests in external training when required.

The multidisciplinary team consists of the Hospital Manager, Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychologist, Psychology Assistant, Speech and Language Therapist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist and team, Senior Nurses, Nursing staff and Support Workers, Mental Health Act Administrator, Clinical Administrator, Cooks and Maintenance.

All patients are registered with a local GP and have access to services in the community such as dentistry, physiotherapy and other NHS facilities. All patients have access to a contracted Advocacy service which is a dual language service, and to Independent Mental Health Advocacy and Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy.

  • Summary

    • Male only, age 18 years+
    • 15 beds
    • Borderline to moderate learning disability.
    • Ability to take patients detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.
    • Rehabilitation for patients leaving acute or secure services.
    • Step-up service for patients when their current placement has broken down due to their behaviours.
    • Extensive Grounds
    • Tranquil location
    • On-site activities centre

    Carrog, Corwen, Denbighshire, LL21 9BG

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